How to Pay Off Debt, Credit and Installments – Debt Consolidation


Debt Consolidation – Get Rid of Loans, Loans and Installments Without Digging Hole Close Hole

Get Rid of Loans, Loans and Installments Without Digging Hole Close Hole

For some people, paying off debt, credit and installments is a financial goal that will be realized in the near future. It turns out that the problem of debt bondage, credit and installments is not only experienced by the people of Indonesia, but almost all people in the world.

Before discussing the main topic on how to pay off debt, credit and installments, have you ever thought of the first time that the debt had existed since when? After being sued, debt cases existed after the age of farming and began to flourish in the industrial age. People since the industrial era began to be trained to be in debt, starting from short-term debt needs to long-term debt needs (buying a house).

As a modern society, of course we have a lot of needs and desires. Often we try to force ourselves to buy needs (which sometimes do not yet need) and desires (which are sometimes just for prestige and show off ) using debt and credit. All types of debt, from debt to neighbors, debt to relatives, debt to cooperatives, credit cards, KTA, all tried. Long story short, we just realized that it was too much in debt and had to get out of debt immediately.

The following is a flowchart that describes how to pay off debt, credit and installments:

  1. First, start by making a list of debts. Start collecting your debt data, what is the principal to be paid, how much longer it must be paid and how much interest. This debt list is very useful, so you know clearly the condition of your current debt.
  2. After that the second stage you have to commit yourself to say no to new debt, STOP for new loans and installments.
  3. Try to increase income, say add income of Rp 2,000,000 per month. Suppose you become a freelance or sell goods online.
  4. Use additional income to pay off one debt. Focus on the smallest debt. The goal is that you can immediately pay off small debts.
  5. Don’t forget to pay other debts by paying a little higher than the minimum payment.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the next debt until your debts can be completed.
  7. After the debt is finished, don’t try other consumer debt. Start financial planning and building assets.

Resolving Debt Is Much More Difficult If You Don’t Have a Plan


The flowchart above is a systematic way to settle or resolve your debt, credit and installment problems. If you are currently in a financial condition full of debt, that does not mean your future has been destroyed. You have the right to get a SECOND OPPORTUNITY ( second change ). Take advantage of these opportunities to immediately get out of debt bondage, credit and installments and start financial planning.

The flowchart above is not an unusually great method, nor is it a formula that is difficult to follow. The success of the flowchart above only requires 2 factors, namely your commitment and your business. Start paying off debts, loans and installments from now on.